Design, Publishing & Marketing

Folio Arte offers the complete website and online solution. We build it, host it, help you promote it and make it easy for you to keep it up to date.

Content Management and Site Support

Your website needs constant attention!  Folio Arte organizes and manages your websites content so that you can maintain an updated website. An old site is easy to spot and your potential audience is reluctant to visit it! Content management and support is perfect for the business that needs to spend more time on business building and less time on website management.

Editing and Copywriting

Todays websites are not about glimmer; content is key; its so important to your sites success: search engines like it, and so do your visitors. Keep your sites content up-to-date and full of value.

Image Editing

Pictures say a thousand words. What are your pictures saying?   Make sure that they’re still saying a thousand words and make sure that those words are relevant to your site and resonate with your visitors.

Text and Links

Text and links do so much!  They help with search rankings, they inform prospects, and they close sales. Make sure as much care and attention as possible is given to this part of your website.

Programming and Technical Support

Websites that run smoothly keep visitors on your site longer, and allow for seamless connection and website experience. Downtime means lost revenue. Uptime means increased revenue.

Site Statistics

Who’s coming to your site?  How long are they staying?  This data can turn your website into a sales powerhouse. The Site Statistics package does the work for you to help you shape your site into a go-to site for your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Unless you’re constantly optimizing your site, you won’t get the visitors.  And what’s the point of a site with no visitors? SEO services is perfect for the business that simply can’t keep up with ever-changing SEO demands.

E-Publishing and Marketing

We organize your content and get your Newsletter, E-Magazine, Announcements, Fundraising Drives, E-Portfolio, and much more ready to be distributed online.