Translation & Global Websites

Our language translation services can provide you with accurate language translation services and professional results at very affordable rates.

U.S. and International markets are multilingual environments. Our mission is to give your company a competitive advantage by affordably breaking the language barrier with unmatched quality, reliability, and speed.

Let our editorial coordinators take the strain. Whether your project involves a chess book or a fine art photography book, we will provide the appropriate language solutions.

Confidentiality is assured as a matter of course for every project and agreements can be signed on request.

Whatever the format you would like your final text supplied in “Paper proofs, Word, Excel, Print ready PDFs (Portable Document File), EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) files, Quark Xpress, InDesign“ we are able to deliver the final product to your requirements.

Selection of languages covered by Folio Arte

English and Spanish – Folio Arte translations can translate your documents into spanish or english. Our translators don’t just translate the words but understand the language, culture and target country.

Pricing – Things to Keep in Mind

Which Language? Word Count – Length of the Document(s)? Turnaround Time – Is It Rush? Subject Matter – Technical? Medical? Legal? General? Is it Handwritten? FAX? Printed Copy? What Program? Are There Graphics Involved? Desktop Publishing? HTML Files?

Generally, our translation rates are between $0.15 and $0.25 per original word.

By being able to discuss each project, we can work together to give you the best value for your translation dollar. Here is something to keep in mind – with our focus on business documents, newsletters, catalogs, books, manuals, etc.; we have a $250 minimum charge (about 1,000 words) per language, per project.

Global Websites

Imagine if you could sell your products or services to everyone around the world…Over 65% of Internet Users are Non-English Speakers.

With 44 Million Hispanics in the United States, Does Your Website Speak Spanish?

As the internet is more available around the world to people who don’t speak English, it’s important for businesses to offer their information in more languages. Just imagine if your site could communicate to everyone around the world. What would that mean for your business?

Translation and Web Management

We offer both the translation and update of your current website and also the web design of the translated website so it is ready for the internet.

At little or no extra cost, we will take your HTML, PHP or ASP files and lock the coding so we can focus only on the words visible to the web visitor. After we finish the translation, we unlock the coding and the page only needs minor formatting for it to be published on the internet.
We can make those minor formatting changes for you.

Graphics, Scripts, XML, Flash, PDF

In addition to the HTML pages, most likely there are also PDF files, Flash files and the embedded graphics that we can also translate and finalize for the internet. There might be scripts or XML code that needs to be translated as well. None of this is a problem for us. All we need are the original, editable files and we can translate and complete the most complex of website designs.

Language Flags and Links

Something to think about is how people will access the other languages. Will there be country flag graphics or will there be links for the languages? Also, will these features be on each page or just on the home page? You decide your preference, then we will add the appropriate graphics and finalize the site for the world to see.

Getting Started

There are several things to consider when having your website translated. We list a few below. It’s a free, no-obligation quote which will help get you started.

How to Get a Quote

Provide us your website URL and answer these questions – are there files that do NOT get translated? Are there original, editable files for graphics? What languages and countries are you targeting? What is your time frame? What type of files will you provide? HTML, PHP, ASP, Word? Do you want the translation back to you in Microsoft Word or HTML?

Please also keep in mind that content normally increases 15-20% when it’s translated. So, if you know that the English site is going to be translated into another language, it’s good to allow additional space in your graphics and on the page for the text expansion.

Multilingual DTP

Instead of one company translating the text and another company handling the desktop publishing, we can combine both steps so all you have to do is send the translated documents to a printer. Many times you already have your manual, booklet or newsletter formatted in a desktop publishing program and it’s printer-ready.

To save time and money, we can work directly in the desktop publishing files to retain the existing colors, graphics, formatting, etc. When translating into another language, many times there ends up being more words in the target language than there was in the source language. In order to compensate, we may need to reduce point sizes slightly or adjust the original layout for fit.

Our goal when finished is for the new document to look like it was originally formatted for the new language.
We work with many different types of programs on both PC and Macintosh platforms: Quark, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, Framemaker, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Powerpoint.

We can execute the graphic design, desktop publishing, package design whatever you need in order to go straight to the printer after the translation has been approved.

Email us your information, or simply send a general inquiry and a consultant will contact you as soon as possible.